Wednesday, February 4, 2009



A voice, mysterious in the night,
Beckoned my spirit to come partake
And soul to curious wonder wake
As the wholesome moon shone silvery white.

To sylvan porches bedecked with dew,
Majestically swooped two guests to perch
On the outstretched arms of River Birch.
My humble bench was a reverent pew.

Enthralled, I gazed on the visionly pair:
Great snowy owls with haunting grace
Who shared my flowery secret space
As they hooted husky whisperings there.

Lord Gr’Owl and Gwendolyn Owl reported
The groaning travail of Mother Earth
For Aslan’s rapturous reign to birth.
They timelessly tarried with truth. . .and courted.

"The love of Humankind waxes cold,
For daunted, the Serpent his thirst would slake.
Now, Owls shall hungrily hunt for snake!
Spread winsome wings and talons unfold!"

So sat I breathlessly in the spell
And revelled in musical birch perfume,
My heart a timpani’s tearful boom
To the mystical moontide’s comforting swell.

A voice, mysterious in the night,
Bade my spirit the World neglect
And soul be owlly circumspect
As the moon-faced orb shone magically bright.

Karen Gladys Henry
July 26, 2002

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