Wednesday, February 4, 2009



symphony on rooftops, cloudburst’s sweet finale
sun-dripped walks together to melodic fountains
baby brooklet banters free with tumbling otters
impassioned cry of water’s leap, headlong off the mountains
crooning of the river to the swooning valley
whistling whales through whitecaps strum
voice of many waters

whirring green of dragonfly; lilting laugh of child
whispers of the marches in the berry leaves
whoosh and creak of swinging–childhood’s dreamy wonders
pant of labor, gasp of joy–the breath of love conceives
gusts of orange grandeur; wailing whirlwinds wild
angels blast triumphant trumps
God of glory thunders

planet oratorios, thrumming orbs of space
clashing of the ethnos; howling demon hordes
heaving groans of earth’s crust; cracking sky’s fascade
man’s loud machinations; singing of the swords
tick and hum and murmur of the daily race
heartbeat’s thrill to Spirit’s drum
still, small voice of God

Karen Gladys Henry
July 6, 2004

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